Lighting tips to enhance your outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of outdoor spaces. There are various types of outdoor lighting options available, each serving different purposes and styles. A few updates to your outside lighting can make your outdoor time more enjoyable. And the best part: It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly to transform your existing patio, deck or pool area into a lovely retreat.


Layer outdoor lighting

Just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting is most effective if it utilises overhead, task and ambient light sources. Even outdoors, where there are not typically boundaries and borders, those three layers will enhance enjoyment and help define smaller sitting and entertaining areas as though they are outdoor rooms.

Create a safe and secure environment

Enhance security with lighting near entrances and in dark corners. Aim lights away from the door so as not to blind anyone as they enter your outdoor area.

Reduce glare

Light walkways and paths with light that is cast downward and fixtures that are hooded. In many cases, exterior-safe dimmers and movable fixtures, which can be added to a patio or porch as needed, can provide flexible control over the level of light.

Add decorative elements

While functionality is the top priority, aesthetic elements are important for a relaxing and inspiring setting. Focus on lighting that highlights architectural and natural details, as well as other decorative elements like arbors, pergolas, patios, etc.

Conserve energy

Consider LEDs for their efficiency. Remember to check the colour (chromaticity) of LED outdoor lights. Low chromaticity lights (2700 or 3000K) will look similar to incandescent and halogen bulbs. Higher chromaticity LEDs (4000K and above) will have a whiter, bluer look.

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